One could imagine with today’s technology the scientific knowledge that mankind possesses, that by now we would have figured out how to administer and create a safe, natural and effective product out of hemp and cannabis. Yet it seems that we are stuck in the “stoned” age when it comes to figuring out how to use this natural plant. Our ignorance is so impressive that we have evolved from burning it, to soaking the plant in isopropyl alcohol to extract the oils, to pushing butane through it and now a multibillion dollar company thinks CBD is worth not millions but billions and created 83 patents on CBD and then decides to not use one single part of the actual plant but synthetically reproduce 3 out of the 480 compounds found in the hemp plant and calls it Epidiolex. Just in case you didn’t catch that, GW Pharmaceuticals has created a synthetic or fake unnatural copy of the plant and has increased revenues by 39 million in its Q1.

So far, the best and safest solution to extract THC and CBD cannabinoids from the real plant is the Critical CO2 Extraction method. This new billion-dollar industry is the future according to many cannabis and hemp experts. The most well-known company in the industry, Realm of Caring (Charlotte’s Web) plans to completely phase out the use of alcohol with the new Critical CO2 Extraction. Many CBD and THC oil companies are rushing to buy Critical CO2 Extractors. We recommend watching this video here.

As of May 7th, 2019, the prices below indicate that the average price per milligram for a bottle that is close to 1000 milligrams costs 15.8 cents. Please note that Hemp Paste™ costs 9 cents per milligram at full retail and is further reduced during sales and with coupons. Please look at our Hemp Paste vs. CBD oil brochure at the bottom of the page. Take note that it does not require as many milligrams of Hemp Paste™ compared to using chemically extracted CBD oil to see results. Some users of Hemp Paste™ claim they would take 60 to 80 mg of CBD oil, but when they switched over to Hemp Paste™ they only had to take 20 to 40 mg. That helps to stretch your dollar and allow you to get more Hemp Spectrum (CBD) for your buck.

CompanyDescriptionShipping Cost is reflected in per mg.Total Cost
(Included’s shipping)
bluebird botanicals
Tasty Hemp Oil
CO2 Extraction
300mg CBD- 1 fl. Oz.
1000mg CBD-1 fl. Oz.
.19 cents per mg
.11 cents per mg
herbal renewals
Herbal Renewals
CO2 Extraction
150mg CBD- 1g Tube
450mg CBD- 3g Tube
1500mg CBD- 10g Tube
.43 cents per mg
.28 cents per mg
.16 cents per mg
CO2 Extraction
500mg CBD- 2 fl. Oz.
.18 cents per mg
dixie botanicals
Dixie Botanicals
CO2 Extraction
100mg CBD-1 fl. Oz.
500mg CBD- 2 fl. Oz.
.37 cents per mg
.18 cents per mg
hemp meds
Hemp Meds
CO2 Extraction
3800mg CBD-10g Oral Applicator
.10 cents per mg
hemp health
Hemp Health
CO2 Extraction
160mg CBD- 1g Syringe
1600mg CBD- 10g Syringe
.19 cents per mg
.10 cents per mg
charlottes web
Charlotte’s Web
CO2 Extraction
1500mg CBD- 1 fl. Oz.
5000mg CBD- 3.38 fl. Oz.
*Limited to 1 bottle each per transaction
.10 cents per mg
.05 cents per mg
bluebird botanicals
Bluebird Botanicals
CO2 Extraction
83.3mg CBD- 1/3 fl. Oz.
250mg CBD- 1 fl. Oz.
500mg CBD- 2 fl. oz.
1000mg CBD- 4 fl. Oz.
2000mg CBD- 8 fl. Oz.
.20 cents per mg
.14 cents per mg
.10 cents per mg
.09 cents per mg
.08 cents per mg
cbd oil
+CBD Oil
CO2 Extraction
250mg CBD- 1 fl. Oz.
750mg CBD- 2 fl. Oz.
.19 cents per mg
.12 cents per mg
hemp paste
My Nutra Hemp Paste
No Extraction
230mg CBD- 1 oz. Jar
2000mg- 4 Oz. Jar
Case of 12- 2000mg
Case of 24- 230mg
No Exceptions!
.09 cents per mg/.07 cents IBO price
.09 cents per mg/.07 cents IBO price
.07 cents per mg/.05 cents IBO price
.07 cents per mg/.05 cents IBO price