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When I was writing a guide book about holistic lifestyle, I kept coming across CBD, but because it seemed to always be linked with marijuana I kept away from reading further.  One day I came across a powerful testimony about a little boy that brought me to tears.  I realized I had to understand what CBD was, what the difference was between hemp and marijuana, and why it was illegal.  So I took a deep dive into learning about what CBD is, where it comes from, the different extraction methods & how it works with our body’s endocannabinoid system.  I came to understand the difference between CBD from a hemp plant versus from a marijuana plant; and I learned a lot about the US legislative history surrounding the hemp plant.  All of this brought me straight to MyNutra Hemp Paste (TM) because they were consulted by the firm (Morgan & Morgan) that assisted in drawing up the 2018 Farm Bill that defined that hemp is separate from marijuana, and that legalized it on a federal level.

Naturally, after all this research I wanted to try out hemp paste for myself, and I’m pleased to share that it has helped transform my life, with all of its 118+ cannabinoids; not just CBD.  It has been a blessing.  After going through a bad T-section car accident many years ago that affected many aspects of my life, I am happy to share I feel more neck mobility, less pain, and I also feel more relaxed, focused and connected with work, life and family… as it turns out, hemp paste is beautiful addition to a holistic lifestyle.  I encourage everyone to learn more; and we are here, happy to help be a part of your journey when you are ready!


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